You NEED to READ this if you want to Become a TIKTOK INFLUNCER

You NEED to READ this if you want to Become a TIKTOK INFLUNCER
You NEED to READ this if you want to Become a TIKTOK INFLUNCER

Tiktok is one of the hottest social media platforms since its release in September 2016. As of January, the platform has 689 million monthly active users worldwide (DataReportal, 2021).
Many youths on the platform are turning fun into money. They get a tremendous amount of money off endorsements and ads. However, the platform doesn’t pay them in any way; brands and companies are always ready to partner with influential users on the platform to promote their products and services.
Ever since many discovered how lucrative the platform can be and how they can get paid for doing what they love, many hope and aspire to be among the elites on the platform.

You might be struggling to understand the concept of becoming an influencer on TikTok worry no more cause we did all the digging for you. We bring a comprehensive summary of all it takes to flourish on TikTok as an influencer.

1. Know Your Audience
You need to understand your targeted audience, who they are, and their interest; that would save you a lot of time cause you would create content that fits your audience.
How do I know my audience? let’s say you want to make funny videos. You need to know which topic your audience would find funny and most interesting and their age range cause what a teen would find funny and older person would not, so you need to create a data of your audience of the target.

2. Be consistent
You must create new content almost weekly, so people can begin to take you seriously. You must prove to people that you would stand the test of time and would be reliable. The more you are consistent, the platform also helps suggest your videos to other users on the platform that’s more followers and views for you.

3. Keep Up With Trend
As a content creator, you need to stay updated with what is trending or what most people are most interested in at the moment, making trendy content makes you exceptional as many would consider your content as fresh and up to date.

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