Why many Nigerian youth don’t participate in elections

Why many Nigerian youth don't participate in elections
Why many Nigerian youth don't participate in elections

Politics is a game of number, and the youth, as they say, is to leaders of tomorrow. Still, that tale is not believed by many Nigerian youths as the belief they would have to wait when they are 50+ then they would have a shot that leadership, where’s their mates around the world, are deeply involved in the administration of their countries some are even Presidents.

While the story is different in another part of the world, Nigeria is still battling to offer the youths a playing Field. It’s sad to note that even the minister of youths and sport is not your in a ministry said to champion youth course.

Many youths no longer see why they should care about the election as they believe there is no place for them, so what difference would it make.

The reasons below are some of the most talked-about reason why youths don’t participate in elections in Nigeria.

Rigging of elections has been the order of the day in many Nigerian general elections to top it up with violence that sometimes leads to loss of life. Many feel anything can happen, and they might lose their life. That’s not a risk they are ready to take by the way whoever rig the election wins to announce a winner without their vote.

2. Partial Opportunities
Though the government on paper has allowed many young people to contest for whatever position they desire to run for, the reality is mostly the opposite as young candidates are pushed to the minor role.
They can’t make much impact that has made many youths believe there is no place for them in government, and even if there is, it would not be of much use.

3 Lost Hope in the government
We all want to be and support a system that thrives, not the one that doesn’t work or keep getting worst. Well, that’s how some youths feel like every year our leaders come to us with promises they don’t fulfil.
Thereby making life more complicated or way worst some don’t want to be reminded that they chose bad leaders for themselves, so they decide to stay away from the whole process for good.

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