Why Life is hard for nigerians under Buhari

why life is hard for nigerians under buhari
why life is hard for nigerians under buhari

Life has not been the same for many Nigerian families since the incumbent president. Good luck, Jonathan, after losing to Muhammad Buhari.

The reason for his loss was that is was not handling the insecurity in the nation. If you recall the chibok girls kidnapped under his rule, many in Nigeria felt he could not address the issue.
Not to talk of the widespread corruption as the country was running to a dead end as fuel price hit an all-time low, the country internally generated revenue was not enough to keep the country going.

Messiah’s people come with someone who would give them a better life as he promised that Messiah is Muhammad Buhari.
Who many Nigerian at that time believe with his military experience would be capable of wiping out the Boko haram sects in the northeast and restoring peace.

In 2015 Muhammad Buhari defeated good luck with a landslide victory. Many Nigerians celebrated as they believed it was a new and better start to a better life. As Nigerians wait to start experiencing the change promised by the Muhammad Buhari lead government, things began to go south.

The new government kept playing the victim card as they believed the PDP government had exhausted most of the national reserve, and there was not much to work with. Nigerian wake up every day hoping for a change, but things keep getting worse.

Here are some reasons why life is hard for average Nigerians

1. The constant devaluation of the naira has affected a lot of Nigerian business and even citizens as prices of goods and services are constantly on the rise.
Nigeria is more of an importer than an exporter makes it worst for business to thrive in Nigeria cause you spend more than you get. That doesn’t help grow your business in any way, thereby making international companies exit Nigeria. At the same time, the local once are forced to shut down as they can no longer keep up.

2. Corruption has been a factor for Nigeria retarded progress as money for contracts is inflated, contractors have to pay a bribe to get awarded a contract, total disregard for merit as to who pays to get. This runs the country dry while filling a few with what’s supposed to be for every citizen, but no, this aid has been hijacked by many officials that reserve it for their family and friends.

3. Bad leadership can not be taking out of this subject. Many of our leaders have no idea what it means to be in power or possess leadership skills. They are just there for the glorification as they misuse government funds on projects that don’t help the average citizen in any way.

These are some of the significant reasons, but it doesn’t end here. We would love to hear from you on what you think or say you can do, so by dropping a comment below, and you can also share with friends and family. Thank you in advance.

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