Twitter Funny Reaction – After Adamu Garba Crowwe App Gets Deleted From Google App Store

It’s no new, news that Adamu Garba social media application crowwe has been deleted from the Google application store (Google Play) If you want to know why it was deleted READ HERE

Many Twitter users have taken to tweet in support of Google for taking down the infamous social media application whose creator is Adamu Garba, if you’re a Twitter user then you would know why many Twitter users are happy about google action but if you’re not it’s still cool cause we would give you an insight so you can catch up.

Adamu Garba is the creator of cowwe, is most famous on Twitter for his opposite view on national issues as his almost in constant support of the president and his policy.

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His fame increased during the #endSars protest as he was strongly against the protest and he even took a step further when he sued Twitter for inciting violence in Nigeria cause they sent a donation during the protest, many Nigerians found that absurd for a fellow Nigerian not to relate with there situation.

That aside here are some of the most helarious tweet after his app got deleted on play store

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