Top 5 must-watch Nigeria Web Series on Youtube, You would not like to miss

Its Christmas and everyone is in the mood of festivity , we all have one or multiple plans for this once in a year celebration of the birth of jesus christ.

while many are out partying and chilling , we know some of you just want to stay home and also be entertained.

so we at decided to make a compilation of some of the best of the best nigerian Web Series that are available on youtube.

we know times are hard and the economy is not smiling either , not everyone can afford to subscribe or Netflix or ShowMax.

And thats what inspired us to make this list so we keep you our readers entertained and also save you some extra money all you need is an active internet connection and your good to Go.

We would start the list from the last to the first lets begin.

5. Inspector K

Inspector K” is a Crime Comedy about a wacky inspector who through unconventional ways solves crimes in the city of Lagos. He is supported by two clueless but surprisingly intelligent (Sometimes) Police officers. He has put his division on the map through the immense success he has in solving unsolvable cases.

4. Papa Benji

 ‘Papa Benji’ is a comedy web series that follows the life of its eponymous character, Papa Benji, a pepper soup joint owner. It stars comedians including Bethel Njoku, Onyebuchi Ojieh, Nedu Wazobia and Basketmouth.


Shuga Naija is a multimedia campaign which educates youths on HIV, safe sex and teen pregnancy. It also touches on maternal and child health, family planning, gender-based violence, and women empowerment.


TMC is a story about love, betrayal and friendship. It revolves around four male characters, their partners and the ordeals that men deal with daily in modern socity

  1. Best Friends In The World

The show is set in an unnamed preppy secondary school with a small but uniformly attractive student body, who wear Ankara uniforms and seem to all come from wealth. The show runners don’t really invest in creating a believable backstory for the characters, explaining what their complex relationships are and why everyone revolves around Olive, the show’s protagonist and queen bee, popular for her grades (as is expected from a Nigerian show).

Let us know in the comment section below what you think about the list.

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