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Top 10 Nigerian Youtube Comdians in 2021 , Number 1 would suprise You

Many Nigerian Youths are creating a livelihood and career off making videos on youtube. Many of them earn a fortune off it and a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.
We decided to make a list of the most popular youtube comedians on youtube, and this list is based on youtube exclusively regardless of other platforms.

1. Mark Angel
Mark angel comedy is the most subscribed youtube comedy channel in Nigeria, with 7.5 Million Subscribers.
The youtube comedians focus their videos on a family-based sitting with their star act Emmanuel as the naughty child of the family as she is determined to frustrate her uncle.

2. Broda Shaggi
Broda Shaggi is a versatile comedian and is most loved for his grammatical blunder and hilarious acts. Fun fact Broda shaggi is signed to davido 30BG label that also scored him a couple of subscribers i mean, who would not want to associate his brand with an influential figure like davido.
Broda Shaggi has a total of 900 thousand subscribers.

3. xploit comedy
xploit comedy is one of Nigeria’s favorite goto comedy youtube channels for a good laugh, and their videos are about a group of friends that are at each other on different on day to day youthful issues. They have 553K subscribers.

4. Yawa Skits
Yawa skits are exceptional with their lead act Callistus who would do anything for food. Callistus also tells a story of a jobless Nigerian who would do anything to make it out of poverty legally or illegally, regardless of what it takes.
They have a total of 490K subscribers.

5. Maraji’s World
Maraji’s video is exceptionally hilarious. She brings us a typical African family experience as she clones herself to play the dad, sister, anty, or any other family member. Depending on what the video is tagged, she has 371 thousand subscribers.

6. Mc Lively
Mc lively is a comedy channel based on a lawyer that never minds his business, and he has an opinion on every issue so far’s. His passing by your street, be sure he’s contributing to whatever you’re talking about.
371K subscribers.

7. Twyse Ereme
Twyse Ereme is a Nigerian Uk-based YouTuber whose comedy videos would crack you hard.
If you are a fan of funny videos about African parents, cause twyse brings you all the drama in an African family Nigerian parents.
he has a total of 298K subscribers

8. Oluwadolarz Room Of Comedy with a total of 132K subscribers.

9 Lasisi Elenu with a total of 123 Thousand subscribers.

10. craze clown with a total of 124K subscribers.

Note that this list was ranked based on the total number of subscribers each of them have and not otherwise as might be considered.



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