Top 10 must watch nollywood movies to watch on netflix this christmas

The nigerian nollywood industry has evolved over years of hard work and improved, key Industry players have invested alot into the growth of the nigerian film industry.
Which inturn has produced quality movies , which can be paired with some of your favorite Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies.

In term of video quality and also professionalism by many amazing actors , actresses and adirectors that have put in there best to deliver us all quality entertainment at a global standard.

With the launch of Netflix in nigeria , Netflix is the world biggest streaming platform Netflix which remains the world’s largest subscription streaming service with roughly 183 million paid subscribers worldwide as of March 2020.

That has proven the fact that the world is starting to pick intrest in nollywood, As its demand keep growing.

So we at Decided to make a compilation of some of the must watch nollywood movies this christmas in 2020 , with your family and friends in this season of love and celebration just for you.

We picked the Top 10 must watch Nollywood movies that are all available on netflix so you can stream and enjoy at your confort

we would start the list from a decending order so we would be starting with the 10th pick .

shall we ?


The Arbitration tells the story of Dara (Adesua Etomi), a woman who drags her former boss and lover (who also happens to be a married man), Gbenga (OC Ukeje) to an arbitration panel after accusing him of rape (an accusation that he vehemently denies). Dara claims that she was coerced into having sex with Gbenga in return for him removing a “non-compete clause” in her employment contract, while Gbenga claims the sex was completely consensual. What ensues is a story mostly told through the conflicting testimonies of Gbenga, Dara and their respective witnesses as both the arbitrator and the audience try to make sense of it all and decide who is telling the truth. Assisting the two ex-lovers are their lawyers; Omawumi (Somkele Idhalama), a young, inexperienced corporate lawyer and the overconfident old hand Funlayo (Ireti Doyle), representing Dara and Gbenga respectively.

9 MERRY MEN 2 : Another Mission

Merry Men 2: Another Mission sees the original gang settling down into their new wealth; before their enjoyment is cut short by a surprise attack. In the skirmish, Kemi, Ayo’s sister and Naz’s wife, is kidnapped.

The merry men soon discover that their old enemy, corrupt politician, Dame Maduka, is holding Kemi hostage and demanding they destroy the evidence the EFDC have on her. The consequence of their failure would be Kemi’s painful death and disposal in a sewer.

So, the merry men go on a mission with a twist; they have to work with the group of women who attacked and outsmarted them.

8 Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a movie about three sisters, Susan (the eldest, played by Adesuwa Etomi), Sola (played by Bisola Aiyelola), and Bola (the youngest, played by Bimbo Ademoye). In an effort to better their lives and take care of their cancer-stricken mother and only living parent (played by veteran actress, Iya Rainbow), they stumble on and steal the sum of $800,000 dollars from a murder scene littered with the bodies of a politician and a dozen armed men. This leads to their involvement with some dangerous characters who want the money, and hilarious hijinks ensue.


It follows the story of Chief Lekan Ajabi (Akin Lewis), a Trump lover and a comical presidential aspirant. In his third attempt at running for presidency, he finds himself suddenly becoming a serious and credible contender. Then the story follows his path to Aso Rock.

But the story doesn’t stop there, it decides to branch out and do a few more things. It also turns into the story of Kachi (Alexx Ekubo) who is a Nigerian music star turned reality television icon alongside his wife Candy (Osas Ighodaro). Your Excellency is also about Stephanie (Toni Tones), a full time social media influencer and champion of the online fake life movement. But that’s not all the movie is about, it’s also the story of Michael Idehen (Deyemi Okanlawon). Michael is a young presidential aspirant who also happens to be single and can barely get the public to focus on anything outside his physique.

6 Chief Daddy

Chief Daddy is a kind of funny comedy-drama, almost in ways, Instagram skits are: sometimes its a hit, other times you curiously want your time back. Beverly Osu, Falz’ girlfriend and perhaps the only one who believes in the rapper is one to watch in this movie, her performance is a lot more believable than Linda Ejiofor who is assumed to be the deceased’s youngest mistress.


The film takes an interesting view of  Nigerian politics, the streets of Lagos and how power, in its raw form is used as a weapon, both for suppression and elevation in Nigeria.

4 The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai

Nonso and Deidre have dated for six months after meeting at the Dunni Dozie wedding, finding a way to make it work in spite of the distance. They travel together to Dubai and in one swanky restaurant, Nonso proposes by accident and Deidre says yes. They both have to convince not just their families, but themselves, that they are ready to spend their lives together in spite of the brevity of their relationship and the different worlds they come from.

3 oloture

Òlòturé” is the story of a naïve young journalist (Sharon Ooja) who goes undercover to expose the brutal underworld of human trafficking. She’s caught off-guard by the dangerous environment she finds, a place teeming with cruel traffickers, pimps, madames and unscrupulous politicians. She ultimately bonds with a group of prostitutes and becomes deeply buried in their world. Yet in her unrelenting pursuit to tell their stories, she’s so successful in inserting herself inside the trade that she doesn’t know how to get back out again, or whether she even wants to.

2. Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

Living in bondage: Breaking free centres on Andy Okeke’s son- Nnamdi Okeke(Swanky JKA), an advertiser who will stop at nothing to make it big. He is soon lured into the world of the rich, influential and powerful by the business tycoon, Richard Williams (Ramsey Nouah) who happens to be the head of the brotherhood, also known as the Six. Soon after initiation, Nnamdi is thrown into a world of opulence and falling in love with Kelly (Munachi Abii), but there’s a price to be paid for this new life. Like it’s said… Nothing goes for nothing.

  1. Citation 

Citation is a decent movie about an intelligent young Master’s student, Moremi, played for Temi Otedola, who speaks out after a university don, Lucien N’Dyare (Jimmy Jean-Louis), attempts to rape her and her many attempts to break free from the web of lies spun by the main character, Jimmy Jean-Louis.

Thats all for now hope you enjoy all our recommendation

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