The main reason behind many BREAKUP

The main reason behind many BREAKUP
The main reason behind many BREAKUP

History has it that in the beginning, God created adam and later got him a partner whom he would be with cause he was alone in the garden of Eden. Long before our existence, society has accepted that a man must bond with a woman to form a family, but that doesn’t just happen.
There is something called courting, which is the talking stage of the relationship when you both try to know more about each other and consolidate each other. Still, sometimes many don’t make it past the talking stage for numerous reasons. below are some of the cause and how to solve them

Lack Of Attention
Most relationships have failed because of a lack of time and affection. Many people believe that if you love someone, then regardless of your work nature, you would create time for them cause you love them; spending time with your partner is very important cause it helps you bond more and gets to understand what’s going on in both of your lives.

In the beginning, God gave adam only eve, but in this current time, many have overturned that as it is now believed one man/woman is not enough for them.
The truth is such action ends up hurting the other partner cause they feel betrayed and unworthy.
I guess you would not want your lover to feel that way, so your one remedy is to quite having multiple partners or discuss with your lover if it’s possible to have an open relationship if that suits you both.

Lack Of Communication
We need to understand that our relationship would not stand the test of time without talking with our partner as there would be a lot of conclusions that are very opposite to your partner’s intention, but because of their silence, you left with such thought.
Create time to talk to your partner on issues facing your relationship. It also shows you still want to be in the relationship.

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