“The internet feels so much more toxic these days” – Rapper eLDEE

The internet is just a representation of other people, pictures, text and even videoto some extent removes the sensation we get when actually around people.

It’s a buffer from judgment and consequences from our actions. For the most part. So if you don’t have to worry about having being punished other than some harsh twitter posts or comments and no one knows who you are. You can take out whatever insecurity you have on someone else. 

 eLDee, is a retired Nigerian-American rapper, singer, and record producer.

Wrote on what he currently feels of the internet

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The internet feels so much more toxic these days than a decade ago… Feels like people are constantly looking for something to yell at someone about.

… now there’s a hyper aggressive cancel culture that’s spreading like a wildfire, with people who claim to be progressive, yet are looking to shutdown anyone that doesn’t agree with their views…

Everyone has the freedom to express his/her opinion they say, but you dare not express an opinion that they disgree with. The hypocrisy is mind boggling.

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