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Spotify Vs Audiomack : Which is the best for streaming music

Good day to all our readers. Today we would be comparing Audiomack and Spotify. If the sake of those who know nothing about both, they are all music streaming platforms where you can listen to music.
Deciding which is better among the mainly depends on the user as the purpose of this comparison is only to outline both app features and help you better understand your choice, and at the end, you make the right choice for which works best for you.
Though both services have similarities, they have a lot that makes them distinctively different, and as we go into the comparison, you would understand better.

Spotify allows users to save songs for offline play, same with audio mack. As much as both enable offline play, they both have a different policy on which music is allowed for offline play. At the same time, audiomack will allow you to save any song or album of your choice offline. Spotify doesn’t let you keep songs or albums, only playlists, and compilations.
So if you want to save all your songs and albums for offline play, Audiomack is the best option for you for this very reason.

Spotify has way too many songs more than audio mack, and it has almost every podcast you would want to listen to and a lot of playlists that suit your mood and vibe. Spotify also generates a personalized playlist for you based on the kind of music you have been listening to. Not to talk of the daily playlist suggestion that contains songs that similar to the songs you have been listening to, thereby allowing you to discover new songs you have forgotten or never heard.
Audiomack only offers you new music that you can get off their discover menu. If you from Africa, then audiomack offers more local songs cause it allows users to upload a piece on the platform, unlike Spotify.

Audiomack charges #900 to Nigerian subscribers, and Spotify charges #1400 while both allow users to stream songs free. Still, Spotify limits the number of songs you can listen to audiomack lets you stream songs free with pop-up ads.

We genuinely believe these reasons. You have a clear view of which decision is best for you and which platform offers you more added features. If you found this article helpful, please help share it with friends and family. Thank you in advance


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