Major Reason why many nigerians are leaving nigeria

Major Reason why many nigerians are leaving nigeria
Major Reason why many nigerians are leaving nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated black nation globally and the continent of Africa, with an estimated population of 201 million in 2019. Like many African countries around the continent of Africa, the primary issue obstructing development is corruption at all government levels. Nigeria was ranked 149th position out of the 180 countries according to the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2020 report published by Transparency International.

Too many or a few that read that report may feel well Nigeria is not that corrupt compared to many nations ranked above it sadly that doesn’t speak well or at most the reality of many Nigerians.
IIn the country’s current state, Nigeria has now ranked the poverty capital of the world as many of its populist live below 1$, which equals = 450 in naira. You can imagine what it means to survive such a condition.
This article chose to focus on the significant factors making Nigerians leave their country of birth, a nation of their own.

Lack Of Jobs
The jobless rate in Nigeria rose to 33.3%, according to a report published by the National Bureau of Statistics on its website, which implies that a large number of the population is unemployed or out of a job.
This comes at a time where many companies are withdrawing from the country due to the unfriendly trading system in Nigeria. Getting a job is based on the connection (Who you know). In most case, as there are not many opportunities for the large and growing youth population.

Nigeria for long has been ravaged by the Islamic sect known as Boko Haram in the northeastern part of Nigeria, and a host of religious crises, kidnapping, and communities clash.
That has caused many of the country citizens to consider self-protection cause all hope has been lost in the government as they have done little or nothing to end these issues.
According to Wikipedia, Nigeria is the 3rd of the countries with a high rate of terrorism in the world. Due to such factor, some parts of the country have not been stable, thereby stopping any form of development in the region.

One this that has haunted and haunted Nigeria is corruption in all level of government its so bad that many think it’s a way of life and believe it’s something that cannot be erased from the system.
As it has been practised for long in most aspects of day to day life, one pays bribes directly or indirectly to get what they desire. There is little or no regard for merit.
Many chose to travel out of Nigeria cause they belive those nations would appreciate their talent and would offer them things based on merit and not otherwise.

We all hope that which ever issues are facing nigeria would be resolved and its people would not consider leaving.


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