How to Upload your song to AUDIOMACK FREE in 2021

How to Upload your song to AUDIOMACK FREE in 2021
How to Upload your song to AUDIOMACK FREE in 2021

Are you an artist? And you’ve got a song or Ep/Album you want to release on a digital platform that can reach everyone in the world and is cost-free.

AudioMack is a digital music streaming platform that allows users to stream songs free but can choose to subscribe for their premium plans with many added features you would love.
Many artists have numerous songs and albums, but I stuck with it cause they don’t know where and how to get it out to thousands of listeners around the world.
Audiomack offers you that and many more, and all cost-free, so all you need is a good internet connection, and your good to go.

Below is how to Upload Your Song On Audiomack

1. You Need to register on audio mack by opening an account. If you already have an account, you can skip this part
Visit their website HERE Once open at the top left corner, you would see SIGN IN / SIGN UP. Click on the SIGN-UP
A new window would pop up asking you to fill in your EMAIL, CHOOSE A SURENAME, CREATE A PASSWORD, then click on the Recaptcha to confirm your not a robot. Finally, Click on SIGN UP.
Once you’re done with that, a confirmation mail would be sent to your email click on it and confirm your account.

In the left corner, you will see the upload button. Click on it it will ask you to Please select your upload type: Song, Ep, or Album. Once your done selecting which you want to upload, a new page would be open. To Upload your music to Audiomack, click the icon, then locate the song or album or song in its folder, then tap upload.

3. Basic Information
You would fill in ARTIS NAME, SONG TITLE, FEATURE(if you featured someone on the song ), PRODUCE, GENRE, EXPLICIT (if there is the use of any strong language)

after filling all of that tap next then your song would b released a link would be generated for you to share if you want to

That’s all. I hope this was helpful.

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