How To Create Your Lavish Boys Association (LBA) ID Card Your Phone And Pc

Lavish Boys Association

Lavish Boys Association is a group that was formed to disassociate itself from the stingy men association 

The group is made up of rich guys that are ready to spend compared to the stingy men association which its motto is Shi Shi You No Go Get, Meaning your not getting anything from them

Here is how to create your Own Lavish Boys Association Id


  1. First you would have to download the ID template which you can get HERE
  2. Visit , Register with the if you have not if you have just sign In
  3. You can sign in with either your Google, IOS or Facebook account
  4. Once successfully registered it will take you to the home page
  5. At the top bar on your phone or Pc, you would see CREATE DESIGN click on it
  6. A search box would appear, Type in ID Card A template with the title ID would appear
  7. Click on it you would be redirected to the template page
  8. By your left, You would see UPLOADS click on it and upload the template you downloaded earlier
  9. Once done uploading drag the image on the template, you can do that by tapping the image and dragging it to the edge
  10. Next, you upload your image just like you did  with the id template then drag and drop it into the black box by the corner
  11. By your left locate the menu bar and click on TEXT after clicking it a menu would open click on Add a subheading once you click that go back to the template 
  12. Type in your name , position , branch and ID NO
  13. When all that is done you locate a icon at the top that says DOWNLOAD click on it and download your Id

That’s all for now we hope it was helpful to you.

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