How to Add Your Own Music to TikTok in 2021


Want to add sounds to TikTok that aren’t available in the app’s catalog, including your own music? You can do so using a third-party tool. Just make sure the audio you’re using is cleared for use or belongs to you (i.e., you created it). TikTok is cracking down on copyright violations and may ban your account if you upload copyrighted music.

To get started, download the ‘InShot Video Editor’ app for either iOS or Android. Open the app and select ‘Create New’ and then ‘Video.’ Create the video and then mute the video’s original sound in InShot. Then tap the ‘music’ button in InShot Editor. Then tap the button ‘Tracks’ to upload sound from your phone. Once you’re happy with the music, you can click the export button and choose TikTok to upload it to TikTok.

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