Here is how Nigerian Banks will Stop Crypto Trading

The recent directive of the CBN will have clear negative consequences for the international crypto community, taking into consideration Nigeria (Africa’s largest economy and home to over 200 million people, mostly young), has the highest interest in Bitcoin globally.

  • Banks can use the KYC information of their customers to determine which of them are used for cryptocurrency-related transactions. Once this is determined, they can block the accounts or restrict anyone from depositing money into the accounts.
  • In fact, they can place a no-debit on the account, meaning that when you transfer money to a cryptocurrency trading platform, the money could be stuck as they won’t be able to access it.
  • This process is very easy now that banks have BVN of their customers and can easily determine how funds are being utilized.
  • Ironically this is the very reason why cryptocurrencies exist in the first place, to stop any regulator, third party from getting in between transfers from one person to another.
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