Go for the “Bad boys” rather than the “Good boys” – Lady Speaks

Earlier today social media was full of out burst, when a lady with the twitter handle Temitope Bukola tweeted that she now knows why most ladies go for “Bad Boys” Rather than the “Good Boys”.

It didn’t take long before other twitter users started to bear out there mind on the particular topic

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While many disagreed with here a few were on here side all airing out what they feel

a coule of tweets below the thread read

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Solomon [email protected]_Buchi

Some women are deeply into toxic masculinity. It’s not my job as a man to “take charge”. I’m not in a relationship with a woman to lord over her or to exercise power, and I’m not bodyguard to protect her. Some women low key romanticize toxic masculinity.

Ms. Sweet [email protected]_Abby_Abi·

A man who’s peaceful, tender, respects his woman, doesn’t physically or psychologically bully her, doesn’t see himself as a father/employer in the relationship isn’t a weak man He’s a modern man & strong ’cause it takes immense strength to be yourself as a man in a place like NG.

The lady in subject later cleared the air on what she acctually ment

tweet below

Whats your own opinion about this let us know below by commenting below