Easiest way to download any reel video on Instagram

Easiest way to download any reel video on Instagram
Easiest way to download any reel video on Instagram

It’s close to impossible to be on Instagram, and you would resist the urge to scroll through your Instagram reel. We all can’t get enough of the fun as we stay glued to our phones.
You have always wished you could save that travel video or funny video you saw on your reel feed with family and friends to share in the fun of it or even have it on your phone to watch it later you are unable to that.
We understand how frustrating that can be to want something and not have well making your wishes come through.
As we have an alternative for you on how you can save all your favorite reel videos without missing out on any fun at a later time, what makes it more fun is that you can save it straight to your phone without any issue.

Let’s get straight to the tutorial as many of you have requested us to do

1. LOGIN OR OPEN your Instagram account
2. GO TO YOUR REEL for those who don’t know how to locate the third icon you would see below your Instagram feeds. It looks like a movie icon with a play sign in the middle
3. SCROLL through your reel videos and stop on the video you want to download by your left below the love and comment icon. You would see three dotted lines click on it. A new menu would pop up then you would see a copy link. Click on it. You have successfully copied the link.
4. VISIT THIS WEBSITE INGRAMER HERE https://ingramer.com/downloader/instagram/photo/
5. SCROLL down, you would see a blank space asking you to paste your link, do just that for those who don’t know how to paste the link. Just place your finger on the area with a bit of pressure; an option should pop up asking you to paste the link you copied.
6. CLICK ON A BUTTON that says search. Once done, scroll down. You would see the video below it. You would see download written on the video, click on it, and your video would immediately download.

We believe that this tutorial was helpful to you. We would glad if you drop a comment below or share the post with family and friends could be beneficial to someone. Thank you in advance.

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