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Davido Gets #echoke emoji on Twitter , How to join the trend

David Adeleke, also known as davido, is one of Africa’s most influential artists with multiple awards and billions of streams across all digital platforms, The Nigerian singer who is most popular for his hit song Aye now has his own emoji on Twitter.

His famous Slang #echoke now has its Emoji that’s not available to Twitter users strictly.
The Emoji announced by Davido, the 30BG boss, in a tweet that he wrote.
[email protected] know say #echoke.”

You can use the Emoji. Just use the hashtag in any of your tweets. Just add #echoke Note that you must type it as stated. If miss-spelled or tagged with space, the Emoji would not pop up.

What does #echoke mean? It’s slang that Davido first used. It means it is suffocating in laine. Man language is used in situations where you have a lot on you or a statement made by someone in your conversation that seems unbelievable or impossible.

Who started the trend? David first used it in a video he posted on his social media handles. He announced a 1 million naira challenge for whoever memic he says #echoke immediately after the tweet. Social media went wild as many users grabbed the opportunity to get themselves a share of the 1 million up for grab. From that instant, it comes to a social media Slang used by many users for different expressions.

If you’re a davido fan, you would most definitely love to be part of this trend.
While others consider it excellent, unfortunately, a few feel it’s not cool for one to make a slang off suffocation. Well, we would like to know what you think about the vernacular. Do you think it’s cool, or you find something wrong with it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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