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All You Need To Know About T.I And Tiny Scandal

T.I. and Tiny are facing allegations of sex trafficking according to a report by Rap-Up.

Over 15 women have come forward accusing the couple of coercing them into comprising sexual situations involving drugs and money.

Sabrina Peterson, a former friend of the Harris family who accused T.I. of assault, has compiled a series of messages she received from the alleged abuse victims on Instagram.

One anonymous woman detailed an incident that took place during CIAA in Charlotte in 2016.

She claims she went to T.I. and Tiny’s hotel suite at the Ritz-Carlton and her phone was confiscated and molly and cocaine were handed out.

She further alleged that only the people who removed their pants were told to stay.

In her words:

I watched him drag girls back and forth from the bedroom, to the bathroom, to the living room. One girl was crying because she wanted to leave but they refused to give her her phone to call an Uber.

The woman, who was excused from the activities because she knew someone in T.I.’s entourage, said she witnessed the rapper tell his security to come “pick this bitch up off the bed” because she couldn’t walk.

The alleged victim was “almost unconscious” and her pulse was “barely there,” according to the witness.

Another woman says she was working as an escort/stripper in 2013 when T.I. invited her to take drugs and have sex with him and Tiny in return for payment.

She claims Tiny got upset that T.I. was showing her more attention and hit her before T.I. “choked” her out.

When she threatened to tell, she was told she could face deportation. “I was threatened to the point I was in fear I left Atlanta and never looked back,” she wrote.

Earlier this week, Peterson accused T.I. of putting a gun to her head following a physical altercation with his assistant, prompting Tiny to defend her husband against the claims.

In a comment on The Shade Room, Tiny wrote:

Hold up… So you want your abuser to train your sons? He was just uncle 2 years ago Now when did you say my husband assaulted you? Did you change your mind or change it back? What wit you today Pooh? I’m confused. Stop Harassing My Family. You strange. Everybody know you been special (face slicing seminar lady). Please get help but LEAVE US ALONE.

T.I. and Tiny have yet to address the allegations.

Peterson says she plans to pursue “civil legal action and awareness.”

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