5 Valentines Day Special Movies On Netflix You’ll Fall in Love With in 2021

5 valentine movies nubng

It’s that time of the year again if you don’t know its the month of love February 14th is a special day for lovers all around the world irrespective of culture, nationality, or race.

Every year lovers come together to celebrate their relationships on this special day.

While many love to go out for dinner or club throughout the day some just want to stay home and enjoy the moments.

This compilation is for you it has some of the most romantic movies on Netflix just for you to enjoy

1 The Lovebirds

Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani star in this action-adventure comedy, which begins when the struggling couple gets tied up in a murder. The two spend the rest of the night attempted to salvage their innocence—and their relationship.


2 Someone Great

More of a breakup story than a love story, Someone Great takes place in the short period of time between Jenny Young’s (Gina Rodriguez) unexpected breakup with her longtime beau, and her move to San Francisco for a dream job at Rolling Stone. Gather your gals for this one—while it’s a story of heartbreak, it’s really a tale of one of the strongest bonds known to (wo)man: friendship.


3 Alex Strangelove

A high school senior is quite confident in his heterosexuality—until he meets a mysterious guy at a party who changes everything. What transpires is a story about sexual exploration and identity that’s one part Call Me by Your Name and two parts Love, Simon.


4 Set it Up

How to get your boss of your back? Secretly conspire with another disgruntled coworker (in—you guessed it—the same predicament) to help both bosses fine love. In each other.


5 Always Be My Maybe

After a teenage fling went sour for Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Park), the childhood sweethearts reconnect fifteen years later—and reignite an old spark—in this lighthearted rom-com.


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