2 Android apps that works just like photoshop

2 Android Apps that work just like photoshop
2 Android Apps that work just like photoshop

You want to be a graphic designer, and you don’t have a laptop or computer to purses your interest or aspirations, but you do have an Android phone, but you are not sure it can help you in any way.

How is it even possible that someone can learn graphic design on their Android phone and even get paid for it or print it?

All and many more questions would be answered in this tutorial today cause we deeply feel little or nothing has been said on the internet on how to be a graphic designer using your phone, so we took it upon ourselves to put this out for anyone who has aspirations or interest.

Two significant apps can help you in your aspiration as it works similar to photoshop and coral draw, just that this is on your mobile phone.

Note: We would highlight the apps’ benefits and features and not get into details of how to use them as our goal is not to make you aware of such app.


PicsArt is a graphic design android application that has been in existence since 2011. Since then, it has been rated multiple times as the best image editing app for android.

The app features a lot of cool stuff, which we might not get into deep but would explain all that you need to know to get started on the app.

First, to use PicsArt, you must register cause it helps you keep a record of your works and allow you to share your works with other users.

The app has virtually every image filter you know of or has ever heard of, considering its constant updates.

It allows you to apply the text to images and Even stickers available on the in-app store. You can also create your stickers.

It can help you cut out your image with just one click, and it helps you enhance the brightness and contrast of your image.

You will discover a lot of cool stuff if you consistently use the app.

2. pixel lab

pixel lab, unlike picsart, offers more options that focus more on text-related design.

With its 3D option, you can transform basic text to 3D.

Cause it’s a text-based app, its features help you design photoshop kind of art.

It has an inbuilt sticker that allows you to import images from your phone to use basic shapes for your logo design and a host of other features.

While nothing much was said about pixel lab, that doesn’t undermine how useful the app can be for Android applications for graphic design.

We hope that it was informative and insightful and has impacted you now. We hope you chase your aspiration without any obstacles. If you found this helpful, kindly share. We would also love to know what you feel about the application. Thank you in advance.

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